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Driving down costs and maximising fee earner productivity to increase and maintain profit margins has never been more vital for law firms, costs firms, medical agencies and legal businesses than now. Legal Connexx aims to increase fee earner productivity whilst driving down operational & I.T. costs and is one of the foremost legal software systems to incorporate the J-Code-Sets.

Legal Connexx is a J-Code-Set equipped and highly user friendly software solution developed for today’s legal businesses using cutting edge Microsoft technologies fully integrating the J-Code-Sets.

Utilise diary, document and email management with freedom to create custom work flows with integrated cost budgeting & Precedent H time recording.

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Software Features

User Friendly

Easy to use, simple to navigate system which works seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Office 365

Increase Fee Earner Productivity

Use built-in wizards to create workflows which increase fee earning capabilities and reduce non billable time

Document & Letter Templates

Create or import documents into custom or pre-set workflows & integrate diarised tasks alongside time recording

Precedent H Time Recording

Time record using phases & apply Precedent H billing to pre-set or custom workflows & document templates


Track Your Cost Budget

Smart cost budgeting wizard allows you to set warning filters, track WIP and create a cost budget for the case

Sync Diaries & Emails

Microsoft Outlook integration auto-synchronises diaries and tracks emails against each case or matter

Built-in Case Reporting

Monitor WIP, generate case reports, manage billing of cases and analyse cost budget activity

Microsoft Security & Live Back Ups

Microsoft secure cloud platform provides peace of mind, data protection & high grade security with ISO/27001



Carbon friendly, eliminate bulk paper, volumes of files and save on courier costs improving your firms carbon foot print

Work On The Move

Work from anywhere using your PC, laptop or tablet and also have access on a smart phone

Save Costs

Reduce up front costs by paying monthly license  fees per user with the flexibility to add or reduce users  

Customise & Integrate

Legal Connexx can be customised, adapted and integrated to your firm’s on a bespoke basis

Sector Wide Solution

Law Firms Expand Legal Connexx across your law firm as a firm wide solution, utilising its flexibility and strengths across numerous departments such as clinical negligence, personal injury, conveyancing, commercial, corporate, family, employment and wills & probate.  Learn more

Alternative Business Structures (ABS)Adopt Legal Connexx systems in line with growth of your ABS to streamline operations, boost revenue, organise & prioritise legal case management functions. Developed using Microsoft technologies, have flexibility to integrate Legal Connexx with other departments. Learn more

Costs LawyersBoost efficiency by utilising in-built cost budgeting wizards & cutting edge time recording tools within Precedent H to cost a case in line with cost budget requirements, with analysis & visual reports to understand the bigger costing picture. Learn more

In-house Legal Departments With the ability to create custom legal work flows you can benefit with the versatile business and case management solutions that Legal Connexx offers. Boost efficiency within your legal department whether you are an SME, insurer or commercial enterprise. Learn more 

Medico-Legal Agencies Save courier fees & increase efficiency with custom workflows that allow your database of experts to communicate seamlessly and remotely to your system, enabling users (clients & database of doctors) to log in directly to the system. Learn more 

Claims Management Claims management organisations now have the flexibility to customise workflows and templates with the ability to integrate time recording. Cross device compatibility allows your work force and stakeholders to connect with your clients in real time. Learn more 


  • What’s Included

    £85 GBP + Microsoft Licence Fees & VAT per month / user
    • Intelligent time recording and billing technology suite
    • Billing of event and work undertaken alongside Precedent H in real time
    • Precedent H ready templates
    • WIP analysis, Cost Budget tracking alongside WIP
    • Pre-set case filters, warnings, reminders and trackers alongside cost budgets
    • Coordinate and work with disbursement entries within intelligent workflows
    • Capability to utilise task management with ad hoc functions
    • Customisable workflows
    • Management Suite enabling in-depth KPI analysis and reporting
    • Editable document and letter templates with import functions
    • Paperless document storage and transfer at the click of a button
    • Microsoft Office 365 with every license-enabling full cloud access to Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel etc.)
    • Secure cloud storage with Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft SkyDrive
    • Microsoft Outlook integration (calendar organisation, diarise tasks, email tracking)
    • Cross device compatible (laptop, PC, mobile phone, tablet)
    • Available Technical Support

Video Tour

Our exclusive video tour shows you some of the most cutting-edge features integrated within the Legal Connexx software. The video covers just some of the major strengths described in the ‘Software’ section of the website, bringing to life the dynamic technology and intelligence of the software relating to elements such as intelligent time recording, workflows and Precedent H integration.

To discuss the video, organise a demonstration or to talk to the team at Legal Connexx you can contact us either above on the ‘Contact’ form or through the details provided at the end of the video tour itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a computer genius; will I be able to use Legal Connexx?

Legal Connexx is an extremely user friendly and simple to navigate software tool. As there are pre-set workflows to guide you through it and simple interactivity amongst all the modules, users should have no difficulty in getting the very best of the software. Video tutorials are supplied as part of the induction process to assist new users adopts all processes as smoothly as possible and are available at all times when required.

What do I need to run Legal Connexx?

Legal Connexx works with most modern browsers and as a Microsoft Outlook plug-in. The minimum requirements to ensure Legal Connexx works as smoothly as possible for you are: Windows Vista operating system with 2GB+ memory, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Outlook 2007 SP2 (optional), Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 (optional).

We do recommend that users have operating systems which are Windows 7 or above with 4GB+ memory available.

I already have other software installed. Will Legal Connexx be compatible with it?

One of the benefits of working with the Microsoft Dynamics platform is its seamless ability to communicate and interact with other software already installed in your individual systems. This means it is wholly compatible with other software you may have as well as being able to operate with standalone functionality. Full compatibility is dependent on individual specifications.

How do I install Legal Connexx?

Installation is a simple process. We will set up each user license and individual portal in line with your specific departmental specifications. Individual and private virtual servers will be set up using Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SkyDrive and Microsoft SharePoint as well as printing and document template configuration. The final part of the installation will be to install the Legal Connexx plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.

How does Legal Connexx compare to its competitors?

Research and development with leading costs experts and legal practitioners ensures that our Precedent H and intelligent time recording technology provides an interactive and seamless billing and cost budgeting infrastructure for fee earners that has not been available to the legal case management market until now. Our R&D teams are constantly adapting, improving and researching innovative techniques to configure the latest industry specifications when required.

Does Legal Connexx record both incurred and estimated costs?

Yes. Legal Connexx allows you to enter specific monetary variables for both incurred and estimated costs. This allows the user to estimate and analyse present and future costs associated with the case at its earliest stages.

Cost budgeting is an expert and niche field-what makes your product so expert?

Legal Connexx has been formulated with extensive input, research and development by highly experienced software developers, costs experts, legal practitioners, process engineers and application developers – who have all helped meet the complex and modular requirements of legal practitioners and costs lawyers. Our team will be consistently working on Legal Connexx to provide yearly updates.

I don’t want to be straight jacketed within pre-set workflows-can I work outside them?

Yes you have that choice. Our flexibility allows any user to create emails, letters, attendance notes, notes, customise work flows etc to anyone involved in a case or any other person and to add units. The permissions and functionality of Legal Connexx can be aligned with your specific requirements of fee earners and users. You can create letters (either freehand or templates) directly from within Legal Connexx (which are stored in the associated SharePoint space) or you can upload documents into that same space and have them be associated with a particular case.

How do I learn more?

You are welcome to take the website tour and see Legal Connexx at work in video form. You can also fill in the enquiry form and arrange for a free demonstration and to obtain more information about how we can help your department today.


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